Available for Yamaha – Roland – Ketron – Solton – Technics – Wersi – Orla – Bohm – Casio – Kawai keyboards.

Available for MAC or PC.


Thousands of keyboard styles for your instrument bundled with a Style Player software full of new features.


Take a look at our products, click your keyboard’s brand and navigate, you’ll probably find very interesting stuff

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Welcome to PlanetKeyboard.com,
we have styles, rhythms, accompaniments or patterns for the vast majority of the digital keyboards on the market.
You have an old keyboard ? A recent one ? An entry level keyboard or a very high end Keyboard ?
We have superb styles to extend your keyboard stylistic palette.
We have Bohm styles
We have Casio styles
We have Kawai styles
We have Ketron styles
We have Korg styles
We have Orla styles
We have Roland styles
We have Solton Styles
We have Technics styles
We have Wersi styles
We have Yamaha styles
We also have “Song Styles”, which are styles inspired from renowned international songs which will free you instrument.
Our products ranges are very wide, they are made of :
Styles collections for direct use on your keyboard
Styles collections with style player to preview your styles (on PC)
– Keyboard accessories
Sound Banks
– Services like custom style or sound design (contact us)
A Little bit of history from a pioneer & talented team at your service since 20 years :
1996 – Worldwide Exclusive Development of new PCM cards “Synth Legends” for Korg keyboards 01W Series / X Series / Wavestation SR with the support of Korg Inc Japan.
1998 – Worldwide Exclusive Development of third part style collection for Korg i30/i40 arranger keyboards
1999 – First to develop cross platform styles collections for several keyboards brands and models
2000 – Worldwide Exclusive Development of new styles for Yamaha QY100
2004 – Worldwide Exclusive Development of new styles for Yamaha QY700
2010 – Worldwide Exclusive Development of Styles Collections with Style Player software to preview your styles on PC and save you a lot of time listening / previewing / sorting
2017 – Worldwide Exclusive Development of third part styles for Casio MZ-X Series (MZX-300 MZX-500) but also Casio CTK and Casio WK
2017 – New Website, new powerful search engine, type in you keyboard model, your instrument brand, a song title fragment and explore the result of the instant search
2017 – Many more news to come !
PlanetKeyboard.com / GIGASTYLECOLLECTION strenghts :
Always on the cutting edge of innovation, often copied, never matched, PlanetKeyboard & GIGASTYLECOLLECTION products are innovating and effective.
Wordwide Exclusive
Styles for Yamaha QY100, Yamaha QY700, Casio MZ-X500 and Casio MZ-X300, styles collections with Style Player software on PC.
A vast choice
A vast choice of exclusive products renowned worldwide which you can browse in our shop here.
Very attractive prices for quality products, permanent discounts all year long, all is there
More than 50 years cumulated of expertise in keyboards, midi instruments, development, that is the strength of PlanetKeyboard.com
Always good advises
Our team of renowned experts answers your questions live on our website of via this form.
Listening and supporting
Our support team is there for listening and supporting you. The team is very reactive and you can contact it here.
Quality order processing
Each order is dealt with great care and as fast as possible.
Fast and safe delivery
Immediate download or international express mail with tracking according to the products ordered (USB stick or memory card), no bad surprise.

Click on your instrument brand logo. In order to reveal the products.
Klicken Sie auf Ihr Instrument Markenlogo. Um die Produkte zu verraten.
Cliquer sur le logo de la marque de votre instrument afin d’afficher les produits.
Haga clic en el logotipo de la marca de su instrumento para ver los productos.
Fare clic sul logo del marchio del vostro strumento per visualizzare i prodotti.


New product. Quality styles / rhythms / accompaniments for Casio MZ-X500 & Casio MZ-X300 Series from CasioStyles.com
WORDWIDE Premiere ! The PlanetKeyboard.com team is happy to introduce NEW styles for Casio MZ-X Series & a partnership with CasioStyles.com.


There are 4 styles volumes (16 Styles per volume).

Styles are in AC7 format packed in .ZPK Casio Package file – fully matching the MZ-X Specifications (2 Intros – 4 Main variations – 4 Fill Ins – 2 Endings)

Volume 01 includes “Ballad & Dance styles”Product Code MZX-BLD-DNC-01

Volume 02 includes “Latin & Funk styles”Product Code MZX-LAT-FNB-01

Volume 03 includes “Rock & Pop & More styles”Product Code MZX-RCK-POP-01

Volume 04 includes “Swing & Jazz & More styles” Product Code MZX-SWJ-MOR-01


New Style libraries (Styles & SongStyles for Yamaha Tyros 5 Tyros 4 Tyros 3 & PSR-S / CVP) : The StyleVaults


New Style libraries (Styles & SongStyles for Yamaha Tyros 2 Tyros 1  & PSR / DGX / CVP) : The StyleVaults


Dear visitor, welcome to PlanetKeyboard !
At PlanetKeyboard you’ll find many things to expand your musical instrument and feed your musical needs, below is a list of the products we have carefully selected for you in order to offer your keyboards new musical paths to explore.

At PlanetKeyboard we have “Styles” also known as “Rhythms” or “(Auto) Accompaniments” for your arranger keyboards and modules or sequencer.
We stock the well known GIGASTYLECOLLECTION Products :


GIGASTYLECOLLECTION provides Styles & Rhythms Collections with thousands of new styles for your
With their exclusive products called GIGASTYLECOLLECTION with Style Player” it is bundled with a special companion Software including “Style search engine features” (for Windows).
The GIGASTYLECOLLECTION “Style Player” enables you previewing the styles on your computer using a very high quality style playback synth engine before transferring them to your instrument, it also helps to save your older instrument life which may rely on fragile floppy diskette drives and save you from performing hundreds if not thousands of useless operations on your instrument panel, it is a PRECIOUS and efficient TimeSaver.
You can see an listen to it in action in this video :

We also stock the WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE “Style Libraries” from GIGASTYLECOLLECTION for devices like the Yamaha QY-100 and QY-700 and KORG i-1, i-2, i-3, i-4s, i-5m, i-5s, ix-300, is-35, is-40, i-40m, is-50, i-30, i-30HD, microArranger, Havian 30, PA-50, PA-60, PA-80, PA-300, PA-500, PA-600, PA-800, PA-900, PA-1X, PA-2X, PA-3X, PA-4X  /PA700 / PA1000 & more !
These “Style Libraries” do not come with “Style Player” software but offer you musical styles to cover nearly every possible music genres & are ready to play in your instrument.
The musical genres covered are :

8 beat – 12 beat – 16 beat – 30s – 40s – 50s – 60s – 6/8 – 70s – 80s – 90s – Acid Jazz – Acoustic – Afro – Ballad – Bebop – Beguine – Big Band – BluegrassBlues – Bolero – Boogie – Bossanova – Calypso – Chachacha – Charleston – Country – Dance – Disco – Foxtrot – Funk – Fusion – Hip Hop – House – Jazz – Latin – Mambo March – Mazurka – Merengue – Reggae – Rhumba – Rock – Schlagger – Samba – Salsa – Shuffle – Slow – Swing – Tango – Techno – Turkish – Twist – Waltz – World Music & Many Many More !

Explore the products for KORG instruments


Explore the products for Yamaha QY-100 instrument


Explore the products for Yamaha QY-700 instrument


Yamaha QY-100 Owners, this news is for you :
BIG NEWS ! You own a Yamaha QY-100 ? There’s a lot of NEW stuff EXCLUSIVELY available at PlanetKeyboard for Yamaha QY-100 :
Do you remember the Yamaha QY-70GIGASTYLECOLLECTION just released exclusively for PlanetKeyboard customers the “Yamaha QY-70 Emulator” for Yamaha QY-100.
What is it ? Imagine you can insert a Yamaha QY-70 inside your Yamaha QY-100 !
It consists of the complete “QY-70 128 Internal Styles Simulation” ported to the Yamaha QY-100 and it is provided on a Brand New (Not second hand or used) 4Mb Toshiba Smart Media Card.
And of course we add 170 New Bonus styles with this QY-70 Emulator.
As a GIFT PlanetKeyboard and GIGASTYLECOLLECTION added 170 Bonus Styles to the 128 QY70 Styles.


At PlanetKeyboard you will also find “Midi Patterns/Loops” for your software or hardware sequencers and midi instruments.
We also have a wide range of “Very Hard to Find” Memory Cards / Expansions / Memory Cards Adapters / Memory Card Readers & Storage Solutions as well as Accessories and Goodies.

You want more ? We have a “Treasure Chest” full of rare “Service Manuals & Guides” as well as “Tools” and “Spare Parts” and more to come !

Looking for something else ?
We even have “Sound Samples & Sound Banks” for your synthesizer/arranger keyboard & computer and we have a few left and VERY RARE “PCM Cards” for KORG synthesizers like the legendary KORG 01W / 01RW / 01WFD / X-2 / X-3 / X-3R / 03RW / Wavestation WS-SR (SR Only) from SYNTHLEGENDS.

We cover a vast range of products for keyboards / modules including the following brands :

You can’t find something for your instrument ? We have solutions for your needs, we have goodies for your instrument too.
Drop us an email in the contact section and we will be glad to get back to you.
Whatever your instrument is, we might have something for it, sometimes have hundreds, if not thousands of interesting stuff for it, don’t hesitate and browse our catalog and enter the “Shop”
The PlanetKeyboard Team.

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