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Korg PA SONGSTYLES GIGAPACK *** LIMITED TIME OFFER *** new “PRO SongStyle collections” exclusively for the Korg PA4X/PA1000/PA700.

A SongStyle is a style like the styles you already have in the PA4X, but more related / adapted / suited to a certain song.

SongStyles are less repetitive and will change you from the routine of using internal styles.

This Korg PA SONGSTYLES GIGAPACK contains ALL THE STYLES FROM ALL THE 12 VOLUMES of our “PRO SongStyle Collection” Series
the SongStyles respect the specs of the PA4X : 3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, 3 Endings.

A total of 405 SongStyles !

Enjoy the International SongStyles Series.

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Until January 31st included
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