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GIGA STYLE COLLECTION Solton MS-50 MS-60 MS-100 MS-40 Series

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GIGASTYLECOLLECTION are collections of styles for your instrument with a companion PC application which is bundled with the styles and enables the style playback on your computer, style sorting, preview and more.

Once your selection is done you just have to export the styles from the PC application for direct use with your musical instrument, most of the time via a USB stick and for some older instruments via floppy diskette.

GIGASTYLECOLLECTION are available in downloadable edition (no shipping charges) or physically shipped on USB stick (additionnal charges applied).

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for SOLTON MS 100 MS 40 MS 50 MS 60 MS 80 DG-1 Series Arrangers Keyboards/Modules
– More than 9400 NEW STYLES for your instrument.
– Bundled Style Player Software To Preview The Styles (Runs from Windows XP to 10 – Not MAC OSX)
– Delivery options – You can either choose between Digital Delivery (download only) or Physical Shipment.
An additionnal fee will be added for WorldWide Physical Shipment on USB Stick with tracking number.
On the other hand -Download- delivery is FREE

– Completely redesigned GUI.
– Completely reworked style bank.
– Style playback design using a huge high quality sample based synth engine.
– Style Selection System using 2 grids (style collection and style selection).
– Select the styles using drag and drop for convenient and easy style selection.
– Play, Pause, Forward, Backward, adjust the volume of the style playback.
– Style Playback handled by mouse or PC keyboard for fast style access previewing.
– Group the styles by tempo, time signature, musical genre, cascade the groupings.
– Fast Style Access : Advanced Search/Filter the styles by musical genre with search engine.
– Improved Style Reorganization / Location via style Grouping, style Filtering and Sorting.
– Mass export of the styles. Previous versions style exportation was done one at a time,
now it is up to 100 styles at a time.
– Style exportation of the styles from the Styles Selection Grid into a folder for use in your keyboard.
– Most of all, an html Export Report for each style exportation is generated to keep track of the
exported styles details.
– Sort the styles by reference, musical genre, tempo, time signature…
– Modular Structure for Future Style Collection Expansions
– The style playback software will save you many hours or days of transfer operations between your
computer and your arranger.
– Select only the styles you want after listening them on your computer, then enjoy playing them on
your arranger after transfer.
– This system will save your arranger floppy diskette drive / usb slot lifetime as well as its front panel
switches lifetime too.

More than 9400 Styles are Now Part of the Collection in this new V3.00 Styles are in SOLTON .PAT format.
Most of all the styles are complete, with the appropriate number of : Intros, Mains, Fills and Endings

The styles cover any music types/genres and are Ready to load into your arranger keyboard :
Jazz / Rock / Pop / Dance / Latin / Funk / 50s-60s-70s / R&B / Gospel / World Music and Many More…

GIGASTYLECOLLECTION is not only a gigantic style bank, this style library is bundled
with a unique and powerful software for managing the styles of the collection.
The software can play / pause / move forward / move backward the styles of the collection,
now it will add you many more possibilities…

The styles are designed for SOLTON MS 100 MS 40 MS 50 MS 60 MS 80 DG-1
or any compatible models.
If your arranger differs from these models simply contact us and ask about compatibility/availability.

The software is compatible and runs on : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / Windows 10
The software is NOT compatible with Mac computers, unless you use a PC emulation solution
running one of the specified compatible Windows operating system.
The computer should have an internet connection for automatic activation only,
by the way, off-line activation remains possible.
For transferring the styles from your PC to your arranger, according to the arranger model,
you might need a floppy diskette drive on your PC and floppy diskettes too depending on your keyboard model.
More recent keyboard models will only require a USB stick to put the styles on.
You need a SoundCard on your computer for the style playback features.


During the product life you will be able to activate the software on up to 5 different PCs.
After these 5 activations contact sales for additional activation tokens at discounted price.


This product will be registered to the name of the buyer.
Program update(s) : has a one year (1 year) of free updates from purchase date.
Style Collection update(s) : a discount will be offered when new styles will be released.

Q: My arranger is not listed, do you have products for it ?

A: Contact store(@) for that (remove the parenthesis).

Q: Can you deliver the styles on floppy diskette ?

A: No. But using our exclusive style playback feature and style search selecting the right styles
will save you hours or days of transfer. BTW, you might find blank floppy diskettes in our store.

Q: I have styles I got from elsewhere, can they be played by the style player of Giga Style Collection ?
A: No. Due to its design the style player will only play the styles it is bundled with and won’t play
external / other styles.

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