GIGA SONG STYLE PACK Vol 03 for YAMAHA Keyboards – 2500 SongStyles + 500 Bonus Song Styles with OTS


The series continues with this Volume 03 of our GIGA SONG STYLE Packs for YAMAHA Keyboards.
2500 NEW SongStyles (4 Variations) + 500 Bonus SongStyles (2 Variations)

Each Style includes 4xOTS (One Touch Settings) .

PlanetKeyboard Unique feature : the OTSs are not the same OTSs for every styles, they are dedicated OTS’s per style
PlanetKeyboard Exclusive feature : The OTS’s are also specific to the Yamaha Keyboard model you’ll purchase the styles for.

You can choose your styles between 18 Yamaha Keyboard models :
PSR-S775/PSR-S770/PSR-S670/PSR-S750/PSR-S710/PSR-S650/PSR3000/PSR1500/PSR2100/PSR2000 & more.

Download the styles list using the following form :