Ketron SD1 Styles SD1PLUS Series

New Ketron SD1/SD1 PLUS Styles Today !

Expand it beyond its limits.
Expand your KETRON keyboard/module.

New Ketron SD1/SD1 PLUS Styles Today !

Available for Ketron SD1 – SD1 PLUS Series.
Simply add new styles & song styles from our Style Packs library.
For instance that’s thousands of new styles ready to play.

In addition, we support either *.PAT or *.KST file format depending of your instrument model.

Above all, check our Software Style Player Based product : “GIGASTYLECOLLECTION NEXTGEN”.
Easy to use and designed for musicians, the GIGASTYLECOLLECTION NEXTGEN will quickly become an essential tool to serve your musical inspiration and needs.

Imagine you taking control of a library of more than 9400 styles ready to use.
Search the styles, sort them, browse & navigate and of course preview in a glimpse in your computer.

Just think about the time you’ll gain by avoiding to perform numerous operations on your keyboard using the GIGASTYLECOLLECTION NEXTGEN. The application is available on Windows or Mac platform.

Transferring styles for previewing them in your instrument can be a real pain and a source of enormous time loss. Moreover it can reduce your instrument disk/drive life or even your instrument panel buttons.
Simply use our style preview technology in our Style Player, search the styles, prepare them for later transfer, pick your favorites with a simple mouse click. In other words, no more multiple, repetitive and boring operations & tasks on your keyboard panel (you panel will thank you).


The products comes in 3 Editions, the Pro is Full Options for the more demanding users, there are also Standard or Basic Editions too all tailored to your needs & requirements.


Looking for styles packs only (without Style Player software ?) check our other packs below :

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