Orla GT Keyboard Styles

Orla Styles
Styles for Orla GT Keyboards and XM900 Module

New Styles Packs & Song Styles Packs for ORLA GT XM900 Series arranger keyboards. Available now (download delivery or USB stick)

Thousands of new styles and song styles, our unique GIGASTYLECOLLECTION product range which consists of a huge style library with mostly any possible musical genre covered and integrated inside a Mac or Windows Style Player software.
We have all you need for your ORLA GT XM900 arranger keyboard, dozens of styles packs sorted by musical genres, dozen of Song Styles Packs.
We have Budget Song Styles packs (more styles for the money, less complete and less complex) as well as Premium Song Styles & Styles Packs (less styles but far more complex and complete styles)
Planetkeyboard is the unique place where you will find this ORLA GT XM900 arranger keyboards styles choice and variety.

Expand your ORLA GT XM900 GW7 with our styles and song styles pack – Available Now via download or optional USB stick !