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At PlanetKeyboard we have “Styles” also known as “Rhythms” or “(Auto) Accompaniments” for your arranger keyboards and modules or sequencer.
We stock the well known GIGASTYLECOLLECTION Products :


With their exclusive products called GIGASTYLECOLLECTION with Style Player” it is bundled with a special companion Software including “Style search engine features” (for Windows).
The GIGASTYLECOLLECTION “Style Player” enables you previewing the styles on your computer using a very high quality style playback synth engine before transferring them to your instrument, it also helps to save your older instrument life which may rely on fragile floppy diskette drives and save you from performing hundreds if not thousands of useless operations on your instrument panel, it is a PRECIOUS and efficient TimeSaver.
You can see an listen to it in action in this video :

Discover the GIGASTYLECOLLECTION with Style Player products here

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