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We make rhythms, accompaniments, patterns in other words “Styles” for the vast majority of the arrangers keyboards & modules brands & models on the market since more than 25 years.

You have an arranger keyboard or an arranger module ? An old one ? A recent one ? An entry level Keyboard or the top most high-end Keyboard ?

You want to expand the stylistic palette of your keyboard ? You’re at the right place, check what we have for you :

Styles for YAMAHA Genos-Tyros-PSR-Clavinova CVP-DGX-YPT (YAMAHA SFF *.STY files) Styles Genos
Song Styles & Styles for YAMAHA PSR-SXPSR-SPSR-E – PSR – DGX & CVP
Patterns & Styles for YAMAHA QY100 (*.Q1P Files)/ QY700 Series (*.Q7P Files)
Styles & Song Styles and .SETs for KORG PA Series & i Series Styles KORG PA & microArranger – i3(2020 model) – EK50/EK50L Styles Korg
Patterns & Styles for KETRON SD9 SD90 SD Series – AUDYA Series – XD & X – Midjay Series Styles Ketron (*.PAT & *.KST format) Styles Ketron Solton
Patterns / Styles / Song Styles for  SOLTON MS Series (*.PAT format) Styles Solton
Styles & Song Styles Roland BK7-EA7-G Series-VA Series-E Series & more (*.STL format) Styles Roland
Composers & Styles Technics SX-KN Series (*.CMP format) Styles Technics
Rhythms & Styles Casio MZX-CTK-WK-CT-X Series(*.AC7 format) Styles Casio
and also Styles Wersi, Orla, Kawai keyboards Styles Wersi & much, much more…

We also have Song Styles, inspired by renowned songs which will free your instrument.

Our products range is wide:
Styles & SongStyles collections for direct use on your keyboard
– EXCLUSIVE & unique Styles collections with our GIGASTYLECOLLECTION NEXTGEN style player software to preview your styles (on PC or Mac)
– Sound Banks
– Services like custom style making or sound design (Contact us)

We deliver our products Worldwide / 7 days a week.
Either via secured download or shipped to your address on USB stick.

Wir liefern unsere Produkte weltweit / 7 Tage die Woche.
Entweder per gesichertem Download oder per USB-Stick an Ihre Haustür geliefert.

Nous livrons nos produits dans le monde entier / 7 jours sur 7.
Soit par téléchargement sécurisé, soit expédié chez vous sur une clé USB.

Consegniamo i nostri prodotti in tutto il mondo / 7 giorni alla settimana.
O tramite download protetto o spedito a casa tua su chiavetta USB.

Entregamos nuestros productos en todo el mundo / 7 días a la semana.
Ya sea mediante descarga segura o enviado a su puerta en una memoria USB.